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Sex education on film: A giude to visual aids & programs 
Year: 1973 
Call No: JMK17 
Tecnica del cinema 
Year: 1976 
Call No: JMK19 
Will there really be a morning? (an autobiography by F.Farmer) 
Year: 1956 
Call No: JMK2 
The film director 
Year: 1974 
Call No: JMK20 
Film und Text 
Year: 1972 
Call No: JMK18 
Screenplays Michelangelo Antonioni 
Year: 1971 
Call No: JMK21 
D. W. Griffith: the years at biograph 
Year: 1963 
Call No: JMK22 
The king: a biography of Clark Gable 
Year: 1971 
Call No: JMK23 
long live the king: a biography of Clark Gable 
Year: 1950 
Call No: JMK24 
That's Hollywood. A Behind the Scenes Look at 60of Thw Greatest Films of All Time 
Year: 1984 
ISBN: 0060965126 
Call No: JMK25